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Free Life is Our Choice!

18-01-2016 1 1From November 2015 MSPU named after I.P.Shamyakin has been participating in Youth Social Campaign “Free life is our choice” under the auspices of Belarusian Red Cross Society. The main objective is to make students aware of a crucial situation in human beings traffic (press-ganging, safe leaving abroad, pre-screening of foreign employers). Volunteers of the campaign held 8 trainings; 130 students took part in these workshops. In February 2016 volunteer activities will be continued.


Mozyr’s Liberarion Day

14mzr5On January 14, 2016 Festive meeting devoted to the 72nd anniversary of Mozyr and Mozyr District Liberation from the Nazi was held.
Evgeny Adamenko, Chairman of Mozyr District Executive Committee, opened the ceremony. After that Yury Yanochkin, Military Commissar of Mozyr District Military Registration and Enlistment Office, congratulated everybody on such a festive day. Tatsiana Protsko, Secrertary of BSYU Department in MSPU named after I.P.Shamyakin, spoke to great contribution of our fathers and grandfathers to peace-time of their children and grandchildren.


Best Athletes in the Republic of Belarus

atletika-2015On January 12, 2016 the 2nd ceremony of prize-giving ceremony of the Belarusian Federation of field-and-track athletics was held in Minsk, Belarus. 8 athletes (Category “Adults”, “Juniors”, “Youth”), 5 coaches and 3 Youth Sports Schools were honored with the highest awards.


“Christmas Kaleidoscope”

On December 30, 2015 Christmas Gala Concert was held at Mozyr State Pedagogical University named after I.P.Shamyakin. Valentin ValetovRector of MSPU, opened the ceremony and wished everybody happy Christmas, creative inspiration and good time. Prof. Valetov summed up the results of the departing year and determined the aims and tasks for the oncoming year.


Marina Litvinchuk –a holder of “Belarusian Sport Olympus” award!


On December 30, 2015Alexander Lukashenko,Head of the State, signed Order No. 529 “About the special award of the President of the Republic of Belarus “Belarusian Sport Olympus”-2015”.

Marina Litvinchuk (MSPU graduate, Champion of the World and 1st European Sport Games) was given the award “Belarusian Sport Olympus”-2015.

We congratulate Marina and wish her to gain new victories in Rio de Janeiro!


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