On September 01, 2020 a festive All University Assembly was held at MSPU named after
I.P.Shamyakin. This day is often called “the Day of Knowledge”. It is treated as a symbol of the
beginning of a new academic year. It is a festive and valuable day especially for freshmen,
because they start their studies, they get acquainted with their teachers and group mates, they
walk around the campus and enjoy a magnificent view.
Valery Navnyko, the Rector of the University, opened the ceremony. He congratulated the
students and the teachers and delivered the diplomas and grateful letters to the most prominent
and hard-working teachers and students.

Several honorable guests were invited to participate in the All University Assembly 2020.
Among the quests there were Felix Galuk, a deputy Chairman of Mozyr State Executive
Committee, Nikolay Phileptsov, Chairman of Gomel Regional Committee of the Belarusian
Teachers’ Union, Voskan Chabonyan, a famous public person and a patron, Avksenty the
Hegumen, a representative of the Turov Episcopate.
There is a tradition at MSPU named after I.P.Shamyakin. A freshman is delivered with the
symbols of a new academic year: a students’ ID and a Key of Knowledge. In 2020 Angelina
Mazkova, a student from Philology Department, was chosen for this delivery ceremony. In 2020
Angelina Mazkova got the highest grade – 336 points. She thanked the administration of the
University and promised to achieve greater results in cultural, scientific, sport affairs held at the
premises of MSPU named after I.P.Shamyakin.
It is important to congratulate the teachers and the students!


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