Representatives of the Society for Development of Water Transport and Passenger Safety in Mozyr met MSPU students and lectured on the basic safety rules. The students were informed about the main directions, significant events and statistics on death. The water safety measures were offered to follow:

- It is not allowed to move on the ice in the dark or under the conditions of poor visibility.

- When crossing the river, ice crossing should be used.

- If you want to move across frozen water, it is necessary to take a closer look, to identify the route and if the route is not dangerous then move.

- When driving, avoid places where ice is covered with snow.

- Make sure that the ice is strong.

- It is forbidden to check the strength of the ice with the foot.

- When crossing the ice accompanied by a group of people, keep the distance of 5-6 m between each other. To cross frozen water and to use the skies is the best option ever.



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