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Socio- pedagogical and psychological service of the University

The activity of the socio-pedagogical and psychological service of the university contributes to creation of psycho-pedagogical conditions for personal development, positive socialization, professional development and self-determination of students and staff members.  Its activity is realized in the following areas:

  • psychological prevention- providing psychological support to the development of personality, popularization of psychological knowledge among the subjects of the educational process;
  • psychological diagnosis - research study of the individual psychological characteristics and monitoring the process of development of professionally significant qualities of the students and their social maturity;
  • psychological adjustment and development - providing psychological assistance to students and staff in dealing with personal, professional and other problems;
  • psychological consultation on problems of individual psychological  development, self-determination and  relationships;
  • social and pedagogical care and protection of students, socio- pedagogical prevention , volunteering , the organization of secondary employment of students in their free time.

The main concern of the socio- pedagogical and psychological service is the organization of  timely social, educational and psychological assistance to those students and staff members who have problems in communication, learning and development; prevention of anti-social behavior and delinquency among students; increasing psychological and pedagogical culture of students and staff members. 

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