Physics and Engineering Department

Physics and Engineering Department

Dear friends,
Personally, and on behalf of Physics and Engineering Department, I would like to offer you a very warm welcome to our web-site.
Our department is young, modern and unequivocally public. From the date of its foundation it offers training of a very highest quality, which has seen its research activity increase substantially since then. The department was founded on October 30, 2015 by the decision of Rector No. 748 – k “About reorganization of Physics and Mathematics Department and Engineering and Pedagogics Department into Physics and Engineering Department”.
Today Physics and Engineering Department offers numerous training programmes available for foreign students in the coming academic year.

Higher Education Programs:
•    Mathematics and Informatics
•    Computer Physics. Computer Modelling of Physical Processes
•    Vocational Training (Building)

Master’s Degree Programs:
•     Physics (in Russian)
•    Mathematics (in Russian)
•    Optics (in English)

Post Graduate Degree Program:
•    Optics
•    Condensed Matter Physics

The leading members of academic staff fulfill the following programs of State Scientific Research:
•    “Development and use of new laser interferometric methods of high-accuracy measurements and optic elements quality control”; Scientific advisor – Prof. Dc. Valisy Shepelevich;
•    “Acoustooptical and photoacoustic diagnostics of solid body” Scientific advisor – Prof. Dc. Genady Kulak;
•    “Development of new principles of metalworking intensification by means of pressure on the basis of electroplastic effects in ortho highly-energetic EM fields”; Scientific advisor – Prof. Dc. Vladimir Savenko.

Contact information:
28 Studencheskaya Str.
247760 Mozyr
Gomel Region
Republic of Belarus

Contact number: +375 236 24 79 37

+375 236 25 32 36

I would like to conclude by encouraging to use the information on this web-site to find our all about our establishment of education, our department and its specialities and by inviting you to visit our campuses and interact our community.


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