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Philology Department is one the oldest departments at Establishment of Education “Mozyr State Pedagogical University named after I.P.Shamyakin”. More than 7 thousand qualified professionals have been trained since 1944. The graduates of the department are well-known scientists, directors of educational institutions, masters of pedagogical craft.


The name of the department has changed (Language and Literature Division, 1944; Faculty of Language and Literature, 1952; Philology Department, 1956), the structure of specialities has rearranged. However, the goal set remained unaltered: training of teachers of high qualification, deep professionalism, civic consciousness and community relief, training of those who are capable of professional and personal self-development.


These days the department is dynamically developing. Academic staff of the university improve and expand the variety of specialities.


There are 7 Chairs at the Department:

  • Chair of the English Language and Language Training Methods
  • Chair of the German Language and Language Training Methods
  • Chair of Foreign Languages
  • Chair of the Russian Language
  • Chair of Belarusian linguistics
  • Chair of Literature
  • Chair of Social and Humanitarian Sciences
  • Chair of History and History Training Methods


The Department offers 6 prestigious first degree programmes in the sphere of Philology:

  • The Belarusian Language and Literature (Full-Time Education)
  • The Russian Language and Literature (Full-Time Education
  • History and Social Sciences (Full-Time Education)
  • Foreign Languages (English and German) (Full-Time Education)
  • Foreign Language (English) (Part-Time Education)
  • Foreign Language (German) (Part-Time Education)


Depending on the chosen programme graduates are qualified to work as Teachers of mentioned above disciplines in the sphere of school education.


2 Master’s Programmes are offered:

  • Language Studies
  • Literature Studies


There are 2 Postgraduate Training Programmes:


10.00.00 – Philological Sciences

10.02.01 – The Belarusian Language

10.02.02 – The Russian Language



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