Sector of Pre-university Tuition and Professional Guidance

 The Sector of Pre-university Tuition and Professional Guidance was opened in 1994 on the basis of the former Department of Preliminary Education, which had been functioning since 1975.

The educational process is directed at work with secondary, special secondary educational establishments leavers, who have the opportunity to prepare for entrance examinations in course of evening classes.

Teachers of the Sector work out educational complexes to maintain  the process of study.

Contact number: +375 236 25 53 62, +375 236 25 62 27

Building 2, Ryzhkova str, 36

Room 152 

Department of Advanced Training and Staff Retraining. Interview with the Attendees

Mozyr State Pedagogical University named after I.P.Shamyakin makes an opportunity to get extended education. At the Department of Advanced Training and Staff Retraining high-demand programmes of retraining at the higher educational level are fulfilled.

Retraining programmes include:

  • Practical Psychology
  • Software of IT Systems
  • Logopedia (Speech and Language Pathology)
  • Accounting and Control in Industry

Greater part of attendees is undergraduates of our University. We got interested why they decided to start extended education and whether it’s difficult to study alongside employment.

NATALIA PETRACHENKO, Attendee, Group Pois – 14, Software of IT Systems

What is the main reason for you to get extended education?

Career – guidance is a question of present interest even if you are a next-to-last year student. Unexpectedly I got to know that my Alma Mater offers its students to get additional profession! I couldn’t lose such a great opportunity: at the present time information technology is an essential part of modern society, education system and life in general. I dare become a programmer! My friends and relatives said: “You are a philologist. You are not good enough for that!” However, one year has passed away and now I’m developing a web-site throughout the term project.

What do you like most?

I’m extremely impressed by the teachers and their professionalism. They know how to present information. I like them all, because they are not so strict and not so loyal. It's quite the thing! The teachers understand the specific features of “adult” training. We need knowledge, not the theory! The enthusiasm of the teachers excites general admiration. Here I met interesting people and enriched the bundle of my knowledge. Moreover, I’ve adopted my teachers’ style of training and applied it into my own teacher's work.

How do you combine full-time and evening education?

I easily combine family life, full-time and evening education. It’s easy to get everything done when you have a wish to study and to explore something new. I do not regret that I’ve started the course of IT, because it’s a unique possibility to broaden my mind and develop my skills.

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