Peculiarities of methodology differ from department to department. There is a wide range of techniques teachers usually apply, it depends on the academic discipline and the contents. Tamara Likhach, Head teacher, Philology department, presented her report on the methodology of training in the field of Foreign languages. She shared her experience on how she taught “Methodology of foreign language teaching” and interactive methods of teaching at different levels of the lesson i.e.

– interactive methods for creation of a favorable mood and cooperation at the lesson;

– interactive methods for sense creation;

– interactive methods of reflection.

Tamara Likhach spoke about the methodology of studies held at the premises of Windesheim University of Applied Science, Zwolle.

At the end of her speech, Tamara Likhach singled out the tips for implementation of successful training of teachers:

– all-inclusive implementation of a competence-based approach in teaching (aim: to form professional skills for linguistic and methodology competence);

– introduction of innovative approaches and methods to educational process.

Oleg Afonko, PhD in Pedagogics, Associate Professor, spoke about module and rating system normally used when work with PE students. He said that MR-system had been implemented into the system of Higher education in the Republic of Belarus. He mentioned that MR-system was introduced to the academic system at the Department of Preschool and Elementary education. The effective aspect of this system was proved by such psychological and pedagogical aspects as information capacity, student self-check system, motivation to upgrade professional competence.

Much attention was paid to the ways how knowledge had to be formed, how motivation had to be developed, how students could check their knowledge. According to the opinion of Oleg Afonko MR – system provides the students with self-management; it determines the structure and contents of academic affairs, it allows the students to control their academic achievements; it gives them motivation to study well.

At the end of the workshop Elena Astreyko expressed her gratitude and said that that type of workshops seemed to be effective for all the participants.



Е.С. Астрейко, доцент кафедры педагогики и психологии




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